The form of individual worship used at Shinto shrines. It varies in degree of elaborateness and formality, but typically comprises approaching the kami, making a small offering (saimotsu) by throwing a few coins into the offertory box (saisen-bako), bowing one or two times, clapping the hands (kashiwade) twice or more, and bowing again.

A Popular Dictionary of Shinto. .

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  • Hakushu —    Hand clapping; part of revering the kami (hairei). In a Shinto context it is called kashiwade …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

  • Kashiwade —    To clap one s hands (before a kami). The common form of Shinto worship (hairei) involves bowing and hand clapping. It often means two claps, but varies according to the custom of a shrine …   A Popular Dictionary of Shinto

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